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With energy costs spiralling out of control, it’s more important than ever to have an efficient heating system . Maybe it's time for an upgrade?

how could a new central heating system help:

Increased energy efficiency
Lower carbon footprint
Customs sytems made for you
Health benefits
Space saving
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“I love how simple the online interface is to get all the basic things done.”
Kelly Brimbore, Newcastle
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central heating system facts

Should I upgrade my Central Heating system? 

Many older properties across the UK still have older and traditional central heating systems. You may not know this but this could be costing you a lot more than you think, especially during the winter. If you have an older style central heating system, it may be time to start considering getting it upgraded.

Common Questions

What is a central heating system?
Central heating is a system that generates and distributes heat throughout a building. It does this by producing heat at one point and distributing it to the rest of the building through either air, steam, or water. Central heating systems are usually found in colder climates to heat buildings.If you live in the UK, you most likely have a central heating system. Around 95% of homes in the UK have a central heating system, and 86% of homes specifically have a gas central heating system. It is also not uncommon to have heating systems that also distribute hot water to the taps in your home, especially if you have a hot water tank.
Which fuel is right for my home’s central heating?
Another important choice is how you’ll power your central heating. First, consider whether you are connected to the mains gas network—95% of houses in the UK have a gas connection. If you aren’t connected to the gas network, you’ll have to choose other fuel alternatives. These are usually electricity, oil, LPG, a renewable technology, or a hybrid. Electricity is easy to use since almost all homes have access to this energy.
How Do Combi Boilers Work?
Combi boilers are suitable for most small and average-sized households. They work by circulating hot water around the central heating system, and also heat up incoming mains water incredibly quickly when a hot tap is turned on. That means instant hot water, 24/7. They don't require storage tanks either, which means they take up hardly any space. A potential drawback is that if several people turn on different hot taps or showers at the same time, pressure and temperature of the water will drop as the heating capacity is exceeded. Also, since they rely on water mains pressure, they are unsuitable for areas of low pressure. However, you will need to start looking for renewal alternatives as natural gas is being phased out.
What central heating systems are there?
There are different types of central heating systems that change how the heat is generated and distributed. It's a fair assumption that you probably have a wet central heating system as 89% of homes in England have it. But we've described the 3 different central heating systems you could have so that you can properly identify yours.

Wet system
In a wet system, your boiler will heat water which is then pumped through a network of pipes that connect to radiators in the house. Each radiator has valves that control the rate at which water flows through them, and the amount of heat that's given off.In the UK, wet systems are typically dual-purpose. They serve as a heating source for the building as well as a supply of hot water for taps. In tankless systems, the boilers operate on demand in which cold water is heated as soon as it comes from the tap. In contrast, when a hot water storage tank is used they need to be filled with hot water in advance.

Storage heater system
Electric storage heater systems store heat overnight in firebricks. This heat is then gradually released into the house during the day. By mainly heating overnight and only during short periods throughout the day, the system can use cheaper, off-peak electricity on Economy 7 and Economy 10 tariffs.Although storage heating systems primarily consist of individual storage heaters, they rely on a wiring system within the home so that they use off-peak electricity. Hence, this system, to some extent, can be described as a 'centralised' system.

District heating system
A district heating system generates heat in a single centralised power source and distributes it to several buildings in a particular area through insulated pipes. It allows for properties to not have separate and individual heating systems which can help save on energy bills and lower carbon emissions.Properties connected to the district heating can have both heat and hot water delivered through the pipework. Unlike individual home heating systems, these properties no longer need to have a boiler or any heating system maintenance fees. However, only 2% of homes in the UK are powered by district heating, but as they're growing in popularity, you may soon see more.
Green Soure Heating

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"Green Source Heating carried out two jobs on my central heating system in 2023. They are clearly experts and when dealing with my system, managed to find and fix a problem that British Gas could not. They are thorough, with a great attention to detail and carry out high quality work. In addition they are very accessible, easy to deal with and charge reasonable rates,"

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Dr Angus Brown, West Bridgford

How much does a new central heating system cost?

The system installation depends on how many central heating radiators are needed to heat your home, as well as the type and size of central heating boiler and whether you want to move this. For example a like-for-like central heating replacement will cost less than replacing your central heating, moving your boiler and adding five more radiators. This is because the cost of this will include additional pipework to move the central heating boiler and add new radiators.
"Quickly and efficiently attended to a number of heating issues and installed a cast iron radiator and valves. Great job!"
Richard Whitrick, Radcliffe
Reduced Fuel Bills
Reduced carbon emissions
Minimal maintenance
Easier to install
Build Fast

Whats not to love!

why choose an air heating pump

Air heating pumps.
The facts

Ideal for heating rooms and wated
Year round heating and cooling
Reduces carbon footprint
Money saving
Easy to install
Call us for your free consultation, or simply send us an email...

Save money,
and the environment.

Air-source heat pumps extract 75% of their energy from the natural air around your home. And because they’re powered by electricity, they produce a fraction of the CO2 and NOx emissions created by an oil, LPG or gas boiler. Which adds up to a huge reduction in the environmental impact of your home.

Ideal for heating rooms and water
Year round heating and cooling
Reduces carbon footprint
Metric Coverage
Business Outlets

up to 90% savings!.

Completely environmentally friendly, air source heat pumps can reduce your homes energy use by up to 90%!Arrange a free heating quote today.
“I love how simple the online interface is to get all the basic things done.”
Kelly Brimbore, Newcastle

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